LASHES, LASHES, LASHES! What an amazing couple of days our lovely Brooke has had learning all about how to create stunning, luscious lashes! 

Recently Brooke had the pleasure of doing training with the wonderful Rhozie from House of Lashes Australia where she learnt different methods for creating MEGA VOLUME FANS! These gorgeous fans range anywhere from 10-23 lash extensions carefully crafted by hand into a little fan and applied to one natural lash. The lashes are super super fine and only weigh 0.03 of a gram, which are almost weightless and do not cause any damage to the natural lashes! Brooke also learnt the ever so popular styling of Kim Kardashian lashes, as well as which styles are best suited to certain eye shapes.

The very next day Brooke caught the 6.00am flight to Auckland for more training at Cerise Lash Boutique with another incredibly talented lash artist and trainer, Natasha Gallier from Perth. So far in her young career Natasha has 32 awards and still counting! Her course was specifically to teach participants more about competing and what judges are looking for in a perfect set of russian volume lashes, as well as what things points are deducted for. She also touched on eye styling and mapping, how important it is to be organised and the risks involved with allergic reactions.

Both Trainers were able to share their helpful tips and tricks with Brooke now feeling super confident and motivated to get better at her lash craft and hopefully compete in live comps next year, or the following! Watch this space!✌🏻

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