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Soft, Smooth Hands & Feet

Skin gets a rough ride during the cooler months being exposed to harsh elements on a daily basis, from wind and rain to drying soaps, sanisters and air conditioning. Hands and feet are particularly prone to suffering from dryness, cracking and dermatitis...

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Transform your skin from within

Your skin is a reflection of your life. The way your skin looks and feels reflects more than the skincare products you use... Your skin also tells the story of the food you eat, the air you breathe, the alcohol you drink, the amount of stress in your life,...

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Brighten your world!

Although this time of year can be more dull with the shorter, cooler winter days, your wardrobe sure doesn't need to be! The easiest and most fun way to brighten up the winter months and lift your spirits is by adding colour, texture and patterns to your...

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Escape to Fiji!

Dreaming of a tropical getaway, relaxing on white sand beaches, dining on fresh tropical fruits and juices, swimming in the pristine oceans of the South Pacific? Although we can't physically travel to the tropics right now, indulging in our Pure Fiji...

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Heros Under $100

How to start prepping your skin for winter Step up your moisturising game In order to prevent your skin from suffering during the cooler months, your summer moisturising routine will most likely need a few tweaks. A heavier moisturiser will be necessary in...

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Hygiene Standards

Superior hygiene practices are part of our daily processes, but what exactly does this mean? We don’t often let you know to what extent we go to to keep our salon as clean & healthy as possible for our clients & staff, so here are a few insights into our...

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