Although this time of year can be more dull with the shorter, cooler winter days, your wardrobe sure doesn’t need to be! The easiest and most fun way to brighten up the winter months and lift your spirits is by adding colour, texture and patterns to your outfits!

From warm neutral tones to exuberant reds, we have the hot fashion trends to delve into this season so you can step our feeling fabulous whatever the weather or occasion!

Love it or loathe it, animal print is one of those fashion trends that will continue to return again and again.

Even though Leopard print seems to be the most popular, don’t forget about the other options such as zebra, giraffe, tiger and even tropical birds!

Amp up your denim with an animal print belt or shoes, or bring on instant glamour with a flowy dress or fluffy coat. And if you’re brave enough, why not get some fun nail art to top off your outfit!

Want to go a bit more neutral this winter? Nothing wrong with that!

Light brown, tan and beige continues to be a favourite this season. They pair beautifully with blue, beige and crisp white jeans. So why not welcome these neutrals to your wardrobe?

Whether you want to rock your cinnamon brown boots, your rust coat or accentuate your eyes with a chocolate eye shadow, you will be a natural at showing off your beauty!

Blue is such a classic colour that’s available in many different shades and can easily be dressed up or down.

Wear a smokey blue to the office, some navy blue to a special event or just that timeless pair of blue jeans for a casual coffee out with the girls. It’s an easy colour to wear on its own or pair with some naturals and soft pinks.

What’s the easiest way to brighten up a dull winters day? Add a splash of colour of course!

Do it your way with a piece of clothing, a scarf, a lippie or some nail polish. Whatever you choose you are bound to get some compliments and make you feel extra good.

Adding a bit of orange helps spice up winter days!

Colours such as pumpkin, sunset and salamander are warm and vibrant, while apricot, amber and sandstone has a softer feel.

Orange is associated with joy and sunshine, and when there is not a lot of sunshine around, why not create your own?!

What’s hot this winter season?

Green is definitely one of the popular colour trends this season. Whether you love a shade of deep-sea green, olive, rich green or all of them (nothing wrong with that right!) – you will definitely be looking cozy in your choice.

Pair it with black or neutrals or even some florals in pink or purple. Create a contrast, go all one tone, be YOU!

Yellow is such a stunning, but sometimes feared colour (to wear). Did you know that yellow represents personal power and fulfilment, abundance, courage and self-confidence?

You can easily introduce this colour by means of accessories or beauty products if you don’t feel quite bold enough to don a yellow jacket or pants.

Give it a try and bring some happiness and sunlight to your outfit!

An outfit isn’t complete without a sumptuous lippy! Just in time for winter, Quoi’s new lipstick shades have hit the shelves! These three fabulous colours are available in-salon now!  

These opulent, creamy, intensely-pigmented formulas bathe lips with moisture and antioxidant Vitamin E helps keeps lips protected, conditioned and hydrated throughout the day.

Show your fearlessness with Audacious Azalia from Quoi!

This bold yet beautifully earthy shade will make your pout pop! Representing your brave, daring side, this stunning lipstick exudes confidence, providing that final definitive touch to any outfit!

Regal Red from Quoi.

According to colour psychology, red is the colour most associated with passion, action and energy. Red represents confidence, lust and in some cultures, it represents luck. No wonder there’s something so sultry and divine about a woman who wears a bold red lip.

Let’s go to Paris! If only we could right now…
We’ll take you there with our Parisian Pink lipstick from Quoi.

The colour pink is the colour of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink represents friendship , affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability. Pink is the sweet side of the colour red.

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