Your Retreat Visit


Wear comfortable clothing and ideally refrain from bringing jewellery and valuables with you. Management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money, or any damage or loss to any valuables brought into our Retreat premises.

Our skillful practitioners will respect your privacy. Discreet draping adorns your body throughout treatments, providing you with warmth and honoring your personal space.

In consideration of others, we ask that all cellular phones and pagers be turned off.

To maintain a healthy, relaxing environment for all our clients, our salon has a No Smoking policy.

When you arrive

We request your arrival 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow introductions, consultation and completion of your treatment questionnaire.

What if I'm late?

Arriving late will unfortunately limit the time allocated for your treatment, however, your treatment will continue to incur the full charge. It is a courtesy to all our clientele that all treatments are completed as scheduled.

Rates, payment & cancellation policy

All rates are quoted in NZ$ and are inclusive of GST.

24 Hours notice is required for us to reschedule your appointment, subject to availability. Any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice may incur a 50% cancellation fee. A full fee may be imposed on a ‘NO SHOW’.

Hygiene Standards

Superior hygiene practices are part of our daily processes, but what exactly does this mean? We take hygiene extremely seriously & ensure we follow numerous cleaning steps each & every day to provide a clean and healthy environment for our clients and staff.

Our Hygiene practices include:
 * Triple sterilisation of our manicure & pedicure tools after every treatment
* We DO NOT recycle our wax!
* Our laundry/linen (treatment room bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels etc) are all hospital grade cleaned (cleaned by the same company who washes the hospital linen)
Our CleanSpa Pedicure Chairs enable us deliver the most hygienic pedicures possible, combining MagnaCleanse Technology, the ‘true’ pipeless magnetic jet, with disposable CleanSpa Liners (which are recyclable)
* We use hospital grade cleaners for our surfaces, floors, toilets, equipment etc
* Our staff ensure proper hand washing and sanitising before & after each & every treatment
 * Our staff have rubber gloves & masks readily available to wear for any treatment upon clients request
* We have hand sanitiser in each treatment room & at reception
* We keep up to date with Ministry of Health guidelines, recommendations & news to ensure we are following the correct practices around hygiene & bugs.

For enquiries please email us using this form, or call us direct on 06 358 8745