With pedicure hygiene recently getting a whole lot more sophisticated, we jumped at the chance to introduce the new technology into our clinic! High hygiene practise is an integral part of our business operation, so making this technology available to our clients was a given!

Submerging your feet into luxuriously warm water, having a foot and lower leg massage with hydrating oils and lotions, and getting your nails clipped, buffed and painted sounds heavenly! However, this pampering treatment can in some cases, come with some nasty consequences! If your pedicurist neglects to follow high hygiene practises you could end up with foot diseases and infections!

Comfortel CleanSpa Pedicure Chairs have changed the way pedicurists think of ‘clean’ pedicures, and with the arrival of two of these state of the art chairs at our new premises at 50 Grey Street, you can be sure your tootsies are in good hands with us!

So what makes Comfortel CleanSpa Pedicure Chairs different from the rest?

MagnaCleanse Technology, the ‘true’ pipeless magnetic jet, combined with disposable CleanSpa Liners, provide the most hygienic pedicure treatment available!

Disposable CleanSpa Liners. Think Clean!
The new standard of disposable CleanSpa Liners revolutionises hygiene as a visible reminder of cleanliness. Gone is the long disinfection process, the liners are designed for single use, acting as a barrier between the tub and the water. They are easy to dispose of, and for our eco-conscious clients, they are recyclable!

MagnaCleanse Technology. The ‘true’ pipeless jet!
With hygiene in mind, Comfortel has re-thought the way ‘pipeless’ works. This process uses a magnetic jet that sits inside the disposable liner and creates a whirlpool jet. It does not touch the tub and is not connected to external pipes, meaning water does not leave the bowl, unless drained. Hygiene is improved, and cross contamination between clients is a thing of the past!

Further to the two hygiene improvements, our new pedicure chairs offer many features to ensure the most luxuriously relaxing pedicure experience, including wellness Chromotherapy LED Basins, Shiatsu multi-function massage, electric seat adjustment, adjustable leg support and a removeable neck pillow.

So, why have pedicures?

Since it’s winter you may be thinking “what’s the point in making your feet look pretty when no one’s going to see them?”. As feet are tucked away in socks, covered shoes and slippers during the cooler months, looking after our feet often becomes a redundant body care ritual. It’s easy to see why many people forget about taking care of their feet over winter, however, pedicures are not only for making your feet look lovely! There are many benefits to having pedicures all year round!

Reduce your chance of infections

Correct maintenance of your nails (cleaning, clipping and buffing) stops them from growing inward and causing infection. Removing dirt from under your nails, as well as dead skin cells from your feet, also help to reduce your chances of germs taking hold!

Skin health

Pedicures are a great way to identify early signs of corns, bunions and fungal infections. If problems are detected your pedicurist will be able to refer you to a doctor or podiatrist for treatment.

Improve circulation and reduce toxin build up

Massage is the most relaxing part of a pedicure and works wonders to stimulate blood and lymph flow. When lymph nodes in our legs get a build up of toxins they can swell and feel sore. Leg massage is an effective way to improve circulation and in turn help toxins drain more freely.

Soft, smooth skin

The warm foot soaks and massages with oils and lotions help nourish skin and locks in moisture so your feet are less likely to crack and blister, which if this happens, increases your chances of germs setting in and causing infections and fungal diseases. Keeping cuticles moisturised also promotes strong, healthy nail growth.

Dead skin cell removal

Exfoliation is often included in pedicure treatments, which is when dead skin cells are buffed away, reducing your chances of getting corns and bunions. When dead skin is removed, new cells (which create smoother skin) are also able to grow!

Reduce stress

Pedicures are a wonderful way to unwind and relax, and in turn relieving stress and anxiety.

With these factors in mind, winter pedicures are a lovely way to escape the cool weather and treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering.

To celebrate the arrival of our new Comfortel CleanSpa Pedicure Chairs we have launched a new Luxury Spa Pedicure! Pure Decadence for feet, this treatment is your complete foot facial! 45mins $85 / 1 hour $95.

We are also running a super special pedicure treatment for the month of August 2017! Enjoy our ‘Be Bubbly Luxury Spa Pedicure’ for just $55 instead of the usual $95!

‘Be Bubbly’ Pedicure includes:
Luxury Foot Soak while relaxing in our “state of the art” Massaging Pedicure Chair, followed by a full pedicure with
Pure Fiji products & Nail Polish Application.
Plus your very own mini nail polish to take home!

To book your Be Bubbly Luxury Spa Pedicure, phone us on 06 358 8745.