With the start of a new year we have put our thinking caps on about what we want to achieve this year and how we are going to further enhance our services to our clients to help them achieve great results! New Year’s resolutions often include something to do with our health – eat healthier, exercise more, get enough rest and so forth. So here is one of our missions that we are excited about for 2017 to help our clients achieve beautiful skin from within!

With the arrival of our edible cosmetic range, Bestow Beauty, last year we have learnt so much about nourishing our bodies with the right foods to achieve radiant, glowing skin and our overall health. Our bodies are exposed to many damaging effects from today’s environment and fast paced, technology filled lives, so now’s the perfect time to start protecting ourselves! It is evident what we put into our bodies effects our wellbeing, so we are so excited to have Bestow Beauty available to you. Here is a bit about Bestow Beauty and how this incredible range works to bestow beauty and health from within (the natural way!).

Around 10 years ago Bestow Beauty founder Janine Tait was alarmed by the amount of radiation we were suddenly exposed to from new technology, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Knowing radiation increased the amount of free-radicals and how they eroded health and damaged skin by breaking down collagen and speeding up the ageing process, Janine got to work to come up with a way to tackle this problem head on. Discovering it was pretty impossible to escape these devices and their damaging free-radicals, Janine decided to instead protect her body by increasing her anti-oxidant levels. ‘Anti-oxidants are incredibly valuable compounds which neutralise free-radicals in the body’. This was the beginning of something truly amazing – and to cut a long story short, the creation of Bestow Beauty Powder and Bestow Be Cleansed, followed by Bestow Berry Beautiful! We are completely hooked on these delicious, beautifying blends of nutrient-rich plant powders. They are packed with antioxidants to bestow health and radiance to your skin. Full of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, they are beneficial for skin, body, hair and nails. The cool thing about these ultimate health boosting powders is you get to be creative with how you eat them – add them to your favourite smoothie (our Bestow Recipe books and Journals have amazing smoothie recipes!) or juice, yogurt or cereals. Our Bestow range doesn’t stop there too, Janine and her team have produced many more beautifying products including Beauty Oils, Capsules and Organic Teas. The Bestow Recipe books and journals are also packed with healthy, tasty recipes (all refined sugar free) and advice and tips on achieving health from within, using food. Check out one of the many Bestow Beauty smoothie recipes below and if you have a favourite smoothie recipe we would love you to share it with us!

We love Bestow Beauty and all that they stand for and we look forward to passing on to you the goodness this brand brings to our Clinic. To find out more about our Bestow Beauty range check out our online shop on our website, pop in and see us at 134 Fitzherbert Ave, Palmerston North, or phone us on 06 358 8745.

Bestow Beauty Smoothie:

1/2 quantity of filtered water or coconut water

1/2 quantity of apple or pineapple juice

1 banana

1 pear or apple – can be pealed if preferred (optional)

1 dsp of Bestow Beauty Oil

1 dsp of Bestow Beauty Powder

A handful of leafy greens (kales, silverbeet, spinach)

1 handful of frozen or fresh dark berries (optional)

Place all the ingredients in a blender to mix. Rotating your leafy greens each week will give you maximum health benefits.